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Peter Gilchrist

I am a strategic growth coach, speaker, trainer and author, focusing mainly in the real estate and mortgage broking industry. My aim is to coach the real estate industry to achieve a Better Life resulting in a Better Business. I have designed and implemented several best-selling programs, including:

  • The Quick Start Recruiting System

  • The Quick Start online program for new Real Estate Agents

  • Vault Management Intensive - my flagship 3 day intensive for managers to overhaul their business for phenomenal growth

  • Real Estate Managers focussed Membership - Coaching Cafe for Managers.

I am an avid believer that our mindset, our conditioning, either allows for growth or blocks it, and that every successful story starts with awareness. No awareness - no growth! Areas of Growth and awareness that I can help you with today:

- The growth of your business and the sales team within it.

- Designing and setting your vision, values and culture.

- Branching, marketing and building enquiry.

- Digital marketing through our Real Digital Agent programs

- Recruiting new and experienced agents

- Training and Coaching for the growth of your agents and business

- The Customer service System for Real Estate

- Time design for growth

- Balance

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