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HX 2023 Sales Consultant Training Workshop

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Real Estate Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Aaron is a dynamic speaker and real estate innovator, and is considered one of the leading real estate coaches in Australia and New Zealand. He has helped over 60,000 agents over the past two decades in the real estate industry. 


Aaron is one of the most in demand real estate coaches today, and is the trainer, coach and speaker top performers and agencies turn to for fast results. Aaron works with leading real estate agencies at both office and corporate levels, as well as facilitating industry leading events such as Real Estate Mastermind and Real Estate Recharge.


Aaron Shiner is one of the most in demand and effective real estate coaches today - an internationally renowned speaker that has been a drawcard at 633 training sessions in 2022.


Aaron’s coaching is designed to provide you and your team with a clear roadmap of “what to do” and “how to do it” this is where the best get better.

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Monday 22nd May, 9:30am -11:15am, Dobson 1 - 3

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